As part of our work, we follow the entire life-cycle of the applcations and solutions. This means that we handle the changes in requirements. We are always thinking with our clients.

  • We understand your requirements, even if they change!
  • We always focus on your needs, we keep an eye on your interests!
  • We create value and we do it as fast as possible!
  • We are loyal to our clients throughout the years!

When doing our work, the most important thing to us is that your goals are achieved. For this reason, our experts will work with you closely from day one to draw up your ideas. While we work on the solution we planned together, you can focus on your interests, to which we align even if they change in the course of time. Or work is transparent and the solutions we develop create value for you. We support the solution throughout the entire life-cycle, so we can adjust it to new and new requirements if needed.


  • We access the exact requirements.
  • We create transparent and easy-to-understand plans.
  • We handle the system plan in an agile, flexible way


In order to understand your requirements, our experts work with you starting from step one. To plan the system according to your needs, they add their valuable input to your ideas. Our plans are clear, easily understandable and can also be easily visualized. You will enjoy working with us, because we speak the same language as you.


  • We define distinct tasks.
  • We do high-quality development in a timely manner.
  • We use your input during the development and adjust to your changed requirements.
  • We create quality and value.


Our experts use their best knowledge and dedication to turn the plans we have made together into reality. Thanks to our agile software development methodology, you can track the development step by step from the early stages so you can see that your expectations become fully functional reality. Our solutions are based on the IT industry standards, so we can ensure that our work is correct and well structured. Our high standards guarantee that your requirements are met.


  • We plan and deliver the correct solution.
  • We test the solution throughout the entire development.
  • We present the results in a meaningful way you can easily understand.
  • We are agile and react to your input and the test results.


We validate our work along the entire working process, from the planning phase to the release, several times. We test our code, we make load and unit tests and these guarantee that our software functions well and meets all requirements. We believe that good software does not only meet the written requirements, but that it functions precisely and is easy to use. Out test engineers give their very best to deliver theses results.  In addition, you will always receive clear and comprehensive test reports, so you can be in control of the process.


  • Comprehensive deployment in the environment you want.
  • If there are existing solutions, we integrate the new solution with them.
  • Operations and maintenance throughout the entire lifecycle.


Part of the successful delivery is installing the developed solution in the environment you have specified. Our colleagues take care of the installation to you existing system – thus integrating it with your existing solutions – or in a completely new environment built for this purpose. Following today´s modern technologies, we can operate software in the cloud or on your own servers. Our engineers can provide long-term operation and maintenance with different SLAs.


Our experts are there for you from the early stages of specification, throughout development and testing and in the years of system operation. Our years of experience, success stories and know-how guarantee that the results you want are delivered.

Our core technology is Microsoft .Net with C#. With these, we deilver user interfaces that are powerful, yet pleasing to the eye. Although most of our partners come to us for our Microst .Net knowledge, our experts have competences in several other techologies:


  • Creating web applications: ASP.NET MVC, which work for various concepts in a dynamic way (JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX). With responsive interfaces (HTML5, CSS, BootStrap) they are clean and easy-to-use on any device.
  • Building web-based solutions to serve existing or newly created, multi-platform clients and internal logic (ASP.NET WebApi 2.0+).
  • Mobile development: we support your everyday tasks with solutions tailored to portable devices.
  • For simple websites to present your company, we provide our own mini solution, with which you can create content with simple editing functions.


  • Publishing site solutions, with which you can use page templates to freely edit contents to be published with the best suited content management tools. Based on your workflows, you can create a well-designed and transparent publishing process, even for multilingual sites.
  • Further web-based solutions, based on proven Microsoft .Net technologies, complemented with SharePoint´s other capabilities (file management, sharing, message board, etc.), resulting in even more efficient websites.
  • Intranet applications, supporting your internal workflows, even with Office365.


  • Our own, custom-developed CMS system (PHP) complies with all modern website requirements.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers use it for their websites, ranging from online shops to promotional websites presenting companies.
  • Our solution can be integrated with others, we support most billing and stock management programs. Also, we can add synchronization support for a number of other applications.
  • Custom graphics after site build, so we can quickly and easily create the site you want.
  • Its own admin panel is easy-to-use and customizable.
  • Its main strengths compared to other CMS: usability, customizability, speed and security.


  • Design drafts: your application should be unique, fit your expectations and show the world who you are. Our experts help you to achieve these.
  • Graphics, logos: the first prerequisite for a good look is a nice logo and slick graphics. You dream it, our colleagues make it happen.
  • Color schemes and themes: do you want to redesign your application, provide unique experiences or just simply customize it to personal tastes? We have diverse themes and we can create completely customized ones from scratch.


  • With work with a wide range of services – such as Windows, WCF, REST – to guarantee smooth, quick and efficient operations for your company.
  • Process control, optimization for desktop and web environment. Your colleagues can navigate business processes easily to achieve their goals.
  • We provide Microsoft Azure, private and hybrid cloud solutions for your company. These solutions are marked by their reliability, high availability, error resistant and even geo redundant, so you can provide your solutions to your partners quickly and reliably from anywhere


  • Enteprise integration, so your applications work seamlessly and efficiently even with large infrastructures, no matter if accessing or providing data, or other integrations.
  • Process optimization – even supported with IT tools –  which guarantees that your existing processes achieve the level of efficiency you require.
  • Crisis management: we help you to manage failing or nearly failing projects, because you often only need a little plus to achieve the success you are missing.


Our greatest assets are our experts. The do their best so that you can achieve your goals, expectations and dreams.


Peter has been developing software for the past ten years and acquired his skills using Microsoft-based technologies. He completed numerous enterprise, banking, integration and work process support projekts. His main strengths are web and server based solutions, for which he closely follows new technologies and industry standards. During his carreer, he managed and took part in several grant-based research & development projekts. As a senior colleague, he is responsible for determining the main technological directions we take.


Graphic design, themes, logos, front-end functionality? Máté uses his four years of experience to make the best of your ideas. Two or three dimensional graphics? There are no boundaries for him. We rely on his extensive front-end experience mainly in ASP.NET MVC and Javascript/jQuery, but he is not afraid of other tasks either. He is our main design expert.


Our „young talent” has been working with us for two years now and gained considerable experience in SharePoint, ASP.NET MVC and EF/LINQ projekts. His dedication is not limited to using the technologies, but he is always researching and learning about new Microsoft technologies and holds interesting and exciting presentations to his colleagues.

They are only our core, senior team. We have other colleagues and freelancers waiting for your jobs to be done.


Our service team is eager to respond to enquiries about our company’s offerings:


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Company data:

Name: Kensai Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
Short name: Kensai Kft.
Registered address: 1124 Budapest, Kálló esperes u. 13
Company registration number: Cg.01-09-872970
National tax number: 13783341-2-43
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András Cserényi –  CEO
Árpád Szentesi  – head of sales
József Zsámberger – project manager
Katalin Rodenbücher – finance manager